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  • Bachelor's degree in graphic design from Portland State University

  • History of agency and in-house design ranging from small businesses to global corporations

  • Working as a professional designer since 2009


  • Adobe Creative Suite (Mac or PC) with strengths in InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop

  • Web/UI design

  • Digital and print file preparation, export, and management


  • Organized, dependable, motivated, and detail-oriented

  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills with copywriting experience

  • Comfortable working alone, with a team, in the office, or remotely




I've gone by both over the years, but these days I usually introduce myself using the 'grr' pronunciation. I'll also answer to other popular variations, including "Donnegan," "Doninger," or "Danger."


So, you're a graphic designeR?

Yes, I am. What that means, exactly, is up for interpretation, but basically if you have a project that could use a bit of visually attractive arranging, rearranging, or creative problem solving (i.e. logos, business collateral, photos,, I can help.

Uh huh. how'd you get into that?

My first foray into the commercial arts would have been sometime around age 7 or 8; I would draw a stack of pictures (colored pencil on typing paper being my preferred medium at that time) and then go door-to-door selling them for 25 cents apiece to the neighbors.

Later, I started playing in (mostly terrible) bands, which led to making things like logos, flyers, painted guitars, drumhead art, and even costume design. Sometimes, these things were more fun or interesting than the music and I got to thinking that maybe I could do this art-thing for a living...

interesting. any formal training?

Education-wise, I completed a ROP certificate in graphic design in my junior year of high school. Not content to rest on those laurels, I enrolled in the excellent graphic design program at San Diego City College and finished all but one course before transferring to Portland State University where I earned my bachelor of science degree in graphic design.


sounds good, but I NEED PHOTOS, TOO.

No problem. I'm pretty handy with a variety of cameras, and I have years of experience shooting everything from product setups, portraits, candid, landscape, and environmental shots. A bit of video here and there, too.


Can you "jazz them up" a bit?

I'm a Photoshop whiz, and I can edit images in your existing photo library, stock images, and more. I can also create some pretty cool and unique collages and composites for social media, email, printed stuff, too.



Yes—I have experience with everything from writing social media posts, blogs, catalog descriptions, headlines, professional correspondence, articles, and more. I can aid in the crafting, refinement and editing of just about anything you need in writing.



Sure! Web and email graphics are no problem, and I can help design and build your website as well.



I enjoy doing illustration in a variety of styles (pen & ink, pencil, collage, digital); I have experience recording, mixing and editing audio for podcasts; I'm pretty handy with making stuff like realistic book and packaging mock-ups, model/prop building, and more. So if you're looking for some X-Acto and hot glue gun action, I can definitely help out. Also, I play the guitar, bass and a bit of drums, so I'm also up for a jam anytime.

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