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Christmas Gift Tag Books

Cleverly written by Courtney Acampora, and gorgeously illustrated by the wonderful and talented Joanne Cave, Junissa Bianda, Lizzy Doyle, and Lindsay Dale-Scott, these adorable little books can be hung on your Christmas tree, used as festive gift tags, and of course be enjoyed for story time as well. Working closely with each of the illustrators, I helped guide the layout of each page, suggesting character poses, actions, and other embellishments, as well as working on the overall design of the book, including type treatments, spine, back cover, die-cut for cover, and ribbon selection.

Copyright © 2018 Silver Dolphin Books
Written by Courtney Acampora  • Illustrated by Joanne Cave (Countdown to Christmas), Junissa Bianda (The Christmas Tree), Lizzy Doyle (It's Time to Build a Snowman!), and Lindsay Dale-Scott (A Gingerbread Christmas)

Art Direction by Kara Kenna • Designed by Shaun Doniger

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