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book design

Spider-man: unmasked!

This replica journal recounts Peter Parker's journey from high school geek to world-famous super hero. I got to work on this one from concept all the way to final print files. Since Peter's a bit of a science geek, I wanted to design the book like a well-worn graph paper notebook. Rather than stick with 100% realism, though, I wanted to have the characters in the "taped-in" photos break the frame and feature occasional word bubbles to keep one foot grounded in the world of comics. Pick one up on Amazon.


© 2017 MARVEL. • Published by Studio Fun International

Written by John Sazaklis • Illustrated by Simone Buonfantino, Roberto DiSalvo, and Aurelio Mazzara

Illustrations painted by Tommaso Moscardin, Ekaterina Myshalova, and Davide Mastrolonardo

Art Direction by Kara Kenna • Designed by Shaun Doniger

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